Monday, July 18, 2011

Joy on Monday

Now that’s a challenge! Back in December of 2008, one of my “Monday Poems” published on Every Day Poets This is it:

Monday eve
Watching sunset
Trying to remember
Who I am.

Yes, the mind is a jumble, stretched between weekends and day-jobs. Though I have written other “Monday Poems”, this is my most recent:

The sun shines through the
Ragged edges of my life—
Yet still it’s Monday.

Mondays wrench us sideways. This morning I counted my blessings. Just knowing how many people in this world are starving …no, my problems pale in comparison.

This past weekend I did have a moment of Joy. Let me share it with you:

Reclining in the hammock under two huge sycamores
Reading, luxuriating in sunshine—
Deciding to tease the squirrels by smacking my lips,
Being surprised instead by a flock of small birds.
Tufted titmice, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays…
All came to see what the smacking was about,
Discovering instead a human
Trying very hard not to laugh.
My, the fuss!
Birds, birds, birds.

Hope your Monday is sweet.

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