Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy in weirdness

Monday morning blues
In reflection—
Sunshine & cicadas.

Why are Mondays so difficult? Could be the weekend didn’t turn out as planned. Or life isn’t what we want either. Maybe the week/month/years ahead don’t look too bright. Whatever the reason, for some of us, Mondays are where all this garbage crashes.

This morning, while doing the “beginning of week” chores, I chatted to self until the blues went away. Discovered a depth of Being previously unknown. Feel better.

OK—so, it’s weird to talk to yourself. If you have a shrink who helps, I’m happy for you. I’m especially glad if you have a friend who understands and responds with your best interests in mind. Some of us, however, need self-talk to get back on track. If you do this too, please don’t call yourself names. That’s not healthy.

Coincidentally, in my POWER OF NOW read yesterday, Mr. Tolle told me I need to dispense with self as best friend. Hmmm…I’ve always believed there are exceptions to every rule –LOL- and I’m sure Mr. Tolle would argue this with me, but I think that if we don’t take care of ourselves first, then we are unable to then be stewards of humanity as the highest of ideals dancing in our heads would have us be.

Be kind to yourself today, but don’t indulge either. It doesn’t matter if you secretly dip into a bad habit; you will know in your heart whether or not you live up to your own standards. But go easy, too, on those expectations. Deep inside, we’re all weird. There’s truly no such thing as “normal” when speaking of human behavior. Set goals that can be reached, then reach for them.

And it does help to know yourself. Go for it! Life gives us permission to be weird. As long as you’re kind to others too, smiles will follow you through the day.

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