Friday, July 22, 2011

Joy on Friday

Some Fridays are better than others. I sure am glad this week is nearing an end!

One of the issues around here is the heat. Our county is suffering the worst summer ever. We're used to the heat here in Texas, but the drought is killing us. Water is so precious, and this year really brings home how much we depend on it to survive.

Upside-down squirrel--
hind feet on tree,
drinking from bowl at base.

One of the joys of my life is my pets. I've had cats, dogs, birds, fish, even a mouse once. But I fell into rabbits back in 2000 and haven't come up for air yet. I currently have a bonded pair of mini-rex, age 8 1/2. They're incorrigible! Yesterday, for example, I was doing my morning stretches before getting dressed. I bent down to touch my toes, and came nose to nose with a four pound bun. "I'm still hungry, mom," she seemed to say.

Rabbits are like
Don't you see!
They want breakfast,
And three!

What puts a smile on your face?


  1. Very charmingly expressing. A beautifull mix of Creativity and philosophy. Stretched haikus. Thank You for sharing so cool and insightfull.

  2. Nice to meet another soul searcher! Is enlightenment teaching you anything today? Hope it's joyful :)

    Thanks for being brave enough to be the first to post at this new site!