Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joy in getting back into Writing

Thank you, D.J. for getting me back into writing. I spent the first half of the year creating a lovely little book that I named QUIRKS OF SUCCESS, and have submitted it to Shambala Publisher. Wish me luck!

Now I'm revisiting REINS OF TIME. Back when it was published E-copy, they would only allow 100,000 words, so I had to divide the story. The book available is just the first part. The second part has been optioned twice, and both times they said they wanted it "if the viewpoints are changed." I refused. If you've ever read Stephen Erikson's Malazan Empire, you'll know why I made that decision. So that part of the story is ready to go. I'm currently running the last part of the trilogy through my writer's groups, to beef it up and make it better.

Not sure if I'll get the whole project together formally or not. Told my son I'd give him the whole thing hardcopy for Christmas. What's your opinion. Should I try again to get it all together through a publisher? Or just print it out for friends and family who have been waiting years for it?