Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joy in Publishing

It took 15 years from conception to paperback, but the story is out now!

This is what I call my PRESS RELEASE:
New Novel By KC Heath:: Meerak wanted only to Pass The Test and be accepted into manhood. Trapped by a time-bridge and alone on a foreign world, he's now an exiled of the exiled, and the most wanted man in the galaxy.
     Jon Henri Davvishen, an embittered military commander, discovers new passion for life as the discovery of a most unusual way to traverse the stars becomes a race against time to save three planets from extinction.
     WEBS OF PARADOX is a high action-adventure / science-fantasy (with a touch of romance :) plunging a handful of heroes & heroines through time paradoxes and battles with nasty aliens.
     The world-building is complete, the characters vivid.
     Come immerse yourself in this journey, solve the paradox, and be the bravest person in the world!

     Lancing through alien after alien, Davvishen and Bowdon progressed
through the battle slowly. The darkness around them glowed with that
same strange purple light which defined this planet nightly, as well as an
added green one, the two highlighting the writhing battle between ptroaks
like a surreal nightmare.
     Davvishen couldn’t believe their luck. Someone had gone to great
effort, for pits had been dug and covered with a shimmery yellow fabric,
deadly pit-traps with poison spines inside. He had first noticed this when
his pistol-fire drove a group of tToatTs backward into one of these pits. The
tToatTs fell in and screamed. And died.
     “Nice trick,” Bowdon said. “Let’s see you do it again.”
     Running from tree to tree, avoiding open spaces, they drove nine
groups into pits, killing many tToatTs in that fashion alone, not counting
those they cut down with their pistol-fire.
     “Man, they’re stupid,” Bowdon commented, his back to a tree.
     “Don’t think it’s smarts or lack of,” Davvishen panted, his back to the
same tree, “but that netted covering. Just be glad our human eyes can see
a spectrum of light tToatT eyes obviously can’t.” They stood watching for
a few moments, catching their breath, wondering what would come next.
     Oa’ooos dropped from the branches of the great trees in hordes,
surprising the other ptroaks and killing each individual they met. Not
one tToatT placed attention on the two humans watching them.
Davvishen noted the turn in battle with strict wariness. All tToatTs
here were his enemy. He followed Bowdon deeper into the dark swampy
land. They halted after about fifty more paces, analyzing the scene before
     A mass of Oa’ooos had just felled a large number of their opponents
and now hovered together, watching something within their midst. The
clang of metal upon metal rang out from the dark center. Davvishen
stared through the gloom, wishing these beasts had chosen daylight hours
to fight.
     “Over here,” Bowdon whispered. They crept through the edge of the
crowd, which was intent on watching the dark noisy center, and knelt
down beside a body curled up against a tree. “Shivs, it’s Attendant Nar.”
     Davvishen’s soul sent Lady’s Blessings to Kajra. “She alive?”
     Bowdon checked the girl. “Barely. Appears she lost a hand to one of
those hatchets then cauterized the stump with her pistol before passing out.”
     “We recover the weapon?”
     “Can’t feel it anywhere near her body...and I can’t see much in this
darkness either.”
     “Shivs.” Davvishen hated the idea that at least three, and probably a
lot more of the Empire’s laser pistols, were now the property of aliens. He
hoped the beasts would not be able to use them with their webbed hands.
     While Bowdon gave Kajra’s daughter an injection, Davvishen listened
to the sounds around them. A deep grunting boomed out of the crowd,
mixed with a human yell.
     “Move,” Davvishen called to Bowdon, instantly throwing himself
into the mob and pushing toward its center. He arrived just in time to see
Meerak chop into EeptT-Ptr’ptrb’s neck with an acquired hatchet, felling
the beast with a deathblow.
     Meerak collapsed onto his knees. The kid was coated in blood.
     Davvishen ran in to cover him, pistol raised, as Bowdon flanked him,
doing likewise. With Meerak between them, they circled, threatening the
multitude of tToatTs surrounding their charge.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Joy in letting go

In the process of changing careers here. Currently working as a "consultant" to the buyer of our business. Yesterday was .... challenging. I keep telling myself to "Let Go", this isn't my business any more, they can take my advice or leave it. I do the best I can. "Esteem Virtue", the master says, "Accept Everyone."  Some days that's easier said than done :)

Frustrations at work,
like superglue on the skin--
stuck in mind-go-round  ~

Armadillos on the doorstep...
one, two, three,
Eat those ants for me!  ~

~kc heath

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Joy in Springtime!

Trying to write poems as often as possible. Here are my most recent creations :)

* Homemade meal by candlelight--
fresh flavors,
Mr. Wren singing goodnight  ~

* Cleaning spruce sap
off bonsai pruner...
Yeow! that's sharp!!  ~

* Palpable pain,
that office with no windows...
so S.A.D.   ~

* Looking Up!
new things to consider,
the frame-of-mind
opens, smiles  ~

* Early spring rain--
cozy reading,
snoring spouse  ~

* Spring rains,
freeway driving--
in the fields beyond
a family of piggies!  ~

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joy in January

a few poems, to keep me writing in this cold month. Enjoy! ~

Thin January sun,
no warmth --
black trees, white fog  ~

Kitchen Window:
tap, tap...flutter, flutter --
winter warbler
snatching bugs  ~

January fog --
jeweled lace,
spiders web  ~

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Horizons

WEBS OF PARADOX is now available through the iBooks store :)

For those of you who have read REINS OF TIME, this is the complete story, now, finally :)

What happened was this:: publishers prefer to accept 100,000 words or less. So that is why REINS OF TIME was not a complete story, why the completion of the story had to wait for "the next volume."

WEBS OF PARADOX is more than the next volume, it is the complete saga in one volume. Wild Child Publications released REINS OF TIME back to my ownership in October of this year, telling me I could republish it as long as I revised it. So. WEBS OF PARADOX has three sections. Part One is REINS OF TIME, revised and renamed. Part Two is WEBS OF PARADOX, the continuation of the story. [Wild Child Publications had accepted this "only if" I reduce the number of viewpoint characters, which I could not do, so I told them, "no thank you."] Part Three is the conclusion of the story, something no one has seen before this, with the exception of my magnificent critiquers--who are given a page of their own at the beginning of the story in official THANKS.

The current version of WEBS OF PARADOX is only available through the iBooks store, but I am opening an account very soon with Lulu so I can get hardcopies made. If you don't have an Apple device and would prefer hardcopy, let me know through email or Facebook message.

If you haven't read REINS OF TIME and are just curious, I have a PDF Sampler, just ask for it and I can send you that too.

Working with iAuthor was fun. Challenging, but very much worthwhile. I think I'll do it again next year :)

Hey, if you do read WEBS OF PARADOX, could you please write a review?? That would help this "new author" greatly. Thank you. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Summer hammock 'neath layers of green leaves
sycamore trees in a breeze
warm wind from the east--
Sunshine & cicadas              ~                  

I was informed last week that I need to find a new job--
[business is closing].

Are there any PAYING jobs for a

Wandering Poet????

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What If?

I wish
to add more
to my life

but survival
keeps getting
in the way.

Sometimes, though,
the moment
is so beautiful...

What If
takes a backseat.  ~kc