Friday, July 20, 2012

Joy in keeping those New Years’ Resolutions!

Hey, I’m keeping those New Year’s Resolutions this year! Wow.

It feels good. It’s amazing what a difference keeping them does for your self-esteem.

Mine, obviously, included diet & exercise. The improved body image has also helped with self-esteem!

But there’s a third component to my New Years’ Resolution in 2012, and that was Spirit. It happened by accident last December while I was shopping for office supplies and ran across a very small Date Book, small enough to fit in a pocket.

I started scribbling Daily Meditations in it—always good stuff, never negative. And it really helped when I pulled it out of my pocket to read while sitting in a far-away air-port at midnight on a Saturday night awaiting the Red Eye, leaving beloved family behind.

Whatever your New Years’ Resolutions, think about them now. Are you keeping them up? How do you feel about yourself now? Anything you can do different Today?

Be kind to yourself. Support Body, Mind, and Spirit. If your emotions are black, that means something’s out-of-kilter with your Body, Mind, & Spirit. Fix it!  And have fun.

Today’s Meditation :: “Savasana –Make the world wait for you.” [Christie Williams]

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