Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joy in Being Creative

I wish this picture would have been taken while I was playing that lovely grand piano! But I did well at my recital in June. Interesting evening, in fact. I was 6th to go up, and the people before me were a mix of piano oldies [yawn] and wild guitar [loud, but good]. By the time it was my turn, I wanted to Show the audience that piano music can be as interesting as guitar. I really pounded it out! I did a medley of Sweet Child O' Mine with We Are The Champions--my own adaptation. When I finished, the teen boys said, "Rock On!" My teacher said, "Are you angry?" [maybe at myself for hitting wrong notes, but he hadn't heard me play with such enthusiasm before] And a little girl leaving the building at the same time looked up at me and said, "I liked your song."

Wow. The novel I published 4 years ago never got this kind of response. So that's why I'm playing piano now instead of writing.

You can be creative at anything you put your mind to. You just have to want it badly enough.

"Ok," you say, "but when I'm doing My Thing, I just can't get into the Zone."

Hey, I can identify with that. Distractions will drive you nuts, and the worst distractions are inside your own mind. But if you've ever experienced The Zone, then you know it exists, you know how wonderful it feels being there. It's mighty elusive, though, isn't it?!

Try deep breathing. Listen to the world around you. I met a well-published lady once who wrote in her laundry room so the white noise would block out phone calls and other nonsense. It won't block out the inner critic, though. You need to lock that bugger in the closet! Have Fun! Just for today....

Last night I amazed myself by getting the left hand and right hand working correctly together on a rather difficult piece of music. I actually jumped up and down like a little girl. 

The Zone is a great place to Be Creative. ...Find it Today.

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