Monday, May 14, 2012

Joy In Laughter

Don't let the title of this entry fool you. Sure, it's easy to laugh when we're happy, ENjoying life. I'm kinda weird, though. I laugh when I'm in pain. Really throws some people. Those who don't know me have accused me of being a drama queen. Actually, I'm just the opposite. It's rare for me to show strong emotion. So when I really let out a "Clownish laugh," it means I'm in pain. It's either that, or cry. Side story here: A couple of years ago I saved a honey bee from drowning in an outside water bowl. Just reached in, cupped my hand, then spilled the bee onto the picnic table. It fluttered its wings, did its dance, then flew off. Last year I did the exact same thing with another drowning bee. I didn't do anything different, but this bee had been stung numerous times by wasps. This bee stung me, then died. The reason for the side story is this: Be gentle with people on Mondays. Especially Mondays after holidays, or on a Tuesday after a Monday holiday. Not everyone enjoys holidays or weekends like maybe you did. There's a chance someone is in pain and not showing it. Food for thought... Let me laugh. It beats seeing me angry.....

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