Monday, January 21, 2013

Joy in Adopting

A month ago I lost a very dear friend, an almost 10yr old Mini-Rex bunny. Her bond-mate, Hazel & I are still grieving. But!!

10 days ago we adopted a rescue rabbit:: a 9 month old Havana, altered female, who we've re-named Jasmine. She came with a floating patella [kneecap isn't where it's supposed to be], but that means 10yr old, short-legged, overweight Hazel can keep up with her!  The vet says it can't be fixed. Doesn't keep her from bouncing on the bed!

She was soooo lonely in the shelter that she was pressing her nose between the bars. And when they took her out & put her in a room with me, she licked me. Now she nibbles too. Vet says that means she's "comfortable".    

Looks like Hazel likes her too::

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